Nathan Hale PTSA

Nathan Hale PTSA is a group of dedicated parents, teachers, students, and administrators who support making every child's potential a reality by educating and empowering parents and communities in and around West Allis, Wisconsin.  We provide money for educational programs, healthy snacks for testing days, and classroom grants.  We also provide the opportunity for seniors to win scholarships to continue their academic path.  

We celebrate Founders Day on February 17th each year remembering the contributions of those who founded National PTA and have lead us to where we are today.  We also participate in  the community-wide event--the annual West Allis - West Milwaukee PTA Council Founders Day Carnival in February.   We also offer the Reflections program which is a local, state, and national arts competition.  For more information visit the WA-WM PTA Council Reflections page.

National Legacybirney.jpg

Alice McLellan Birney and Phoebe Apperson Hearst founded the organization when women did not have the right to vote and social activism was not popular. However, they believed mothers would support their mission to eliminate threats that endangered children, and in early 1897, they started a nationwide campaign.

On Feb., 17, 1897, more than 2,000 people—mostly hearst.jpgmothers, but also fathers, teachers, laborers and legislators—attended the first convocation of the National Congress of Mothers in Washington, D.C. Twenty years later, 37 chartered state congresses existed.

In 1970, the National Congress of Parents and Teachers (National PTA) and the National Congress of Colored Parents and Teachers (NCCPT)—founded by butlerSelena Sloan Butler in Atlanta, Ga.—merged to serve all children.

As the largest volunteer child advocacy organization in the nation, National PTA is the conscience of the country for children and youth issues. Through advocacy, as well as family and community education, National PTA has established programs and called for legislation that improves our children’s lives, such as:

  • Creation of Kindergarten classes
  • Child labor laws
  • Public health service
  • Hot and healthy lunch programs
  • Juvenile justice system
  • Mandatory immunization
  • Arts in Education
  • School Safety